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Do you find it difficult to deal with your hormone-raged teen?
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Does Your Teenager Facing any of the Following?

  • Is your teen a victim of bullying?
  • Does your teenager face trouble in focusing?
  • Does your teen often shows wavering mood patterns?
Martial arts are the solution to all of these problems as it is a holistic approach to health and wellness and a great tool to learn self-discipline and self-defence. The “normal teen behaviour” is anything but normal to parents. Teens are impulsive, lack responsibility, and are moody and rebellious. Since teens feel pressurised due to issues arising from all directions (attaining good grades, sports and extra curricular activities, social and family obligations, etc), they find it difficult to focus and make decisions. Martial arts are undoubtedly a positive activity for teens. At Eagle Martial Arts we constantly make efforts to help your child accomplish his/her goals. We teach our students to avoid unnecessary conflicts and reserve fights for grave situations. Our experienced and responsible instructors lay emphasis on Art, not violence.

Martial Arts Instills:

  1. Discipline
  2. Respect
  3. Concentration
  4. Better strength
  5. Endurance
  6. Balance

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Benefits of Eagle Martial Arts

It's Fun & Engaging

Martial arts is a perfect after school activity for your kid. Your kid will utilize his/her time productively by joining martial arts training. Your teen can influence his/her friends to join martial arts and this way they will learn and grow together in the right direction.

Set Attainable Goals

Martial arts are overwhelmingly positive activity for teens. They develop higher self-esteem, more self-respect and better self-awareness through regular training. They become determined and can set goals, such as earning the next color belt or mastering a new move. Your teen will become more focused and put in efforts regularly to accomplish goals.

Train with Family

Shy teens who are rather reluctant to make physical activity a part of their routine can join with their family members. At our dojo you can join in with your kid and encourage your teen to participate.

Health Benefits

In this technology driven era, it seems impossible to include productive physical activity in your kid’s routine. Those who are not interested in traditional sports can take up martial arts training as it is a great physical outlet for them. Martial arts improve muscle strength, provide better balance, enhance flexibility and improve cognitive function.

Helps Your Teen Become a Responsible Adult

Teenage is the age of questioning and rebellion. It’s the age of constant learning and exploration. Martial arts training provide the right path to teens by making them mentally and emotionally strong. They are able to develop leadership qualities and better social interaction. At Eagle Martial Arts we ensure that your teen grows into a respectable and successful adult. Our dojo is a place where there is no bullying but more friendships and respect for all people. Enroll your child with us and let him learn this valuable skill that is fun and rewarding.

Frequently Asked Questions

My Teen Doesn’t Respect Me At All. Can Studying Martial Arts Change That?

Yes. Respect is a core value in our martial arts school, and all students learn to respect their instructors, fellow students, and their parents.

I Can’t Believe How Poor My Teen’s Judgment Is. Can Studying Martial Arts Make A Difference?

Yes. Martial arts classes require teens to learn and then apply lessons to decisions in real time in our martial arts school. That’s a skill that they will carry with them everywhere they go.

Will Taking Martial Arts Classes Make My Teenager Less Prone To Making Careless And Thoughtless Decisions?

We teach teenagers the value of respect, discipline, and judgment, and they learn that knee-jerk decisions are often not the right ones.

My Teenager Feels Like They Have A Target On Their Back. How Can Studying Martial Arts Help?

Teens who study martial arts learn to carry themselves with strength and confidence, and that makes them less likely to be targeted by bullies. They also learn how to defend themselves if necessary.

My Teenager Spends All Day Playing Video Games – Won’t They Resist The Idea Of Taking A Fitness Class?

They might – but martial arts classes are fun and social, and kids also see them as cool. We’re used to a little resistance, but we also know how to get teens interested in what we teach, and keep them interested.

My Teenager Starts Things And Gives Them Up All The Time. Why Should I Expect Martial Arts To Be Different?

Teens who want to excel in martial arts must make a commitment to continued study. We can’t guarantee that your teen will stick to it, but we can tell you that our instructors encourage persistence and teach teens that they can’t achieve their goals if they give up.