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Eagle Martial Arts, La Jolla is a family owned martial arts school dedicated to instilling self discipline, respect and focus in students through structured, routinely and skillfully designed programs since 2008. With an objective of leading positive impact on your child’s overall personality our Martial Arts programs are manageable and curated to focus on self-improvement, stir confidence and keep your child motivated. Our Martial Arts classes support the students in developing better coordination and thus is valuable for kids struggling with motor skills. Those kids with ADHD can benefit greatly with Martial Arts as it enables them to understand the power of mind over body.

At Eagle Martial Arts we inculcate good behavior in kids in and out of the classroom. Our certified instructors are seasoned and experienced who make learning Martial Arts fun in a friendly and comfortable environment. Our dojo is a place where your child is motivated at every step to achieve attainable goals, by regularly instilling the students with the need to continuously stay aware of the surroundings and respond accordingly. We also provide tailor made programs for the entire family, so it makes it more fun and exciting to learn with the family in a warm and friendly setting. Because a family that kicks together stays together. For us the safety of your child is of foremost priority and we are always on our toes when it comes to safety of your child while training. Our dojo is fully insured with top of the line equipments and easy access to park your car or drop your kids off. So why let your child feel awkward when he/she can be the coolest and strongest kid on the block with Martial Arts training. Sign up today and see the results in no time as we are conveniently located in La Jolla.

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Sam Hadaf

Owner of Eagle Martial Arts

Master Sam, a devoted and compassionate individual who is a 6th degree certified black belt master from World Tae kwon do federation.

He is been teaching Martial Arts since 1983 and has trained over 300 black belt students around the world.

Being an articulate, focused and dedicated teacher, Master Sam’s classes are well planned and executed. With his amazing sense of humor he makes learning martial arts fun.

Master Sam is passionate about teaching martial arts and his students adore him. He has a sparkling mind, always beaming with new ideas.

He ensures that his martial arts lessons are enjoyable and yet constructive.

With a goal to inculcate modesty, perseverance, courtesy and indomitable spirit among his students, Master Sam devises the best methods to keep the training programs diverse and interesting. He assesses his students on a regular basis and visualizes the correct path for each one of his student.

He participated in numerous tournaments and has won many titles. All of his three sons are black belt holders and his second son C J Hadaf, who is a 4th degree black belt is managing Eagle Martial Arts, Texas for 10 years.

Not only Master Sam is a determined traditional Martial Arts teacher, he is also a part of many charitable organizations. For years he is supporting and working hard for the upliftment of the underprivileged.