Give your child the superpower of discipline, confidence, and self-defense and empower them to success in life.
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What People Are Saying

My daughter loves Master Sam and this school. His discipline and teachings are great life lessons for children.

Ulka Pandya

My kids have been at Eagle Martial Arts for 3+ years and they love it. It has built their confidence and skills tremendously.

Jeanne Liem

My son is a happy Little Ninja and his birthday party there was according to him ‘the best day ever’!

Sophie Dormal

Excellent…really happy to be part of Eagle Martial Art.

Umm Hamza

Let me tell you this. After having my son go to Eagel Martial Arts for a couple of years now, and will be attending for many more years to come he has his purple belt and going for his blue in a couple of days thisi s a 7 year old . His teacher Master Sam puts his heart out to all of his students and makes sure that they learn everything before they move on, not like these other places that give you a belt just for nothing here u must EARN it. Look it’s so great I just joined.

Jake Jake

Our daughter has been a student for almost 3 months and in that time we have seen a noticeable improvement in her focus, listening and confidence. She’s loves learning new techniques and seeing results from her hard work. Master Sam and the team care very much about the students and sharing the art of Taekwondo.

Armando R. Buelna

My kids have been taking classes Master Sam is phenomenal and a true master at his craft. He has an amazing 6 week program you can get to see if your little one likes matial arts. We were so impressed by this program we are Eagle Lifers.

Christina Torres

We love the Little Ninja program! It has been so great for my active and energetic 4 year old.

Andrea Esajian

Eagle Martial Arts is more than an excellent Taekwondo school, it is a true life school. Master Sam teaches Martial Arts, but more important teaches the skills to become confident and to succeed in life.

Emmanuel Ferton

Thank you so much, Master Sam!

My daughter started going here about 7 months ago, and she absolutely loves it! He is a wonderful teacher, and a sweet person who really focuses to individually help each kid succeed (while bringing a spirit of camaraderie and respect throughout all levels). Best martial arts place ever!

Juliana Feenaghty

Master Sam has the unique blend of teaching and discipline. Great teacher/coach and would recommend this dojo for kids to adults.


Best martial arts school ever, for adults and kids alike! Master Sam works hard to bring out the best in every single one of this students. It is a great environment to improve both physically and mentally. Thank you!

Kathrine Engan

This has been one of the best experiences for my children. Master Sam is an Incredible teacher and I cannot thank him enough for the time he puts into nurturing these children.

Master Sam is able to assess each child individually and give them the praise when needed and the discipline when needed. He also teaches them superb values about life outside the Tae Kwon Do class. Teaching them discipline, courage and respect.

Sujata Narayan

I joined Eagle Martial Arts about 8 months ago to take Kickboxing! I LOVE this place and the quality instruction here. Master Sam is an excellent and patient teacher. He is a true technician and believes in challenging the class and us as individual athletes. I really like the other students in the class and the camaraderie with them and the entire Dojo. It is really like a family! This is a quality studio, meticulously clean, really professional and a whole-lotta-fun! They also offer yoga, taught by a really skilled Yoga Instructor Extraordinaire!

Kristin Barret

We have been taking our kids to Eagle Martial Arts for five years now. I can’t say enough about how happy we are to have our kids working with Master Sam. He’s not only a great coach for martial arts, he’s teaches the kids respect, integrity and discipline. Even if our son and daughter don’t stay with martial arts forever, I know what they have learned will stay with thrm forever!

Kim Goodwin

My two children have been taking tai kwon do with Master Sam for a 1.5 years and it has been an exceptional experience for them. Their confidence, focus, strength and level of discipline have grown exponentially, which has carried over into other activities and school. I would highly recommend Eagle Martial Arts for parents looking to expose their children to martial arts.

Kirstin Nielsen